November 20, 2016

Past Presenters

November 2016

Special Needs In My City is an online resource for families raising individuals with special needs here in Stanislaus. We provide community resources, events and exclusive interviews with special needs care physicians for families. Healthy and educated families are the pillars of a strong community. With over 13,000 students in special education in Stanislaus, our families need help on a daily basis in knowing what is available in their communities to help their children thrive and for parents to not feel alone on this complex journey. This online platform offers families that needed support and information. We will build a tool on the website that allows Spanish-speaking families in Stanislaus to also have access to this important community information.

Modesto Sound Our Job Circle Program combines youth arts education with music technology services, and is taught by industry professionals in a real recording studio. We provide youth with an exciting hands-on educational experience that increases the sought after skills of creativity, communication, teamwork, and leadership. Stanislaus County needs more quality after school programs.

Modesto Full Story News’ mission is to serve the community with the most extensive news coverage that the Sacramento based media does not feel they need to report on. Our goal is to promote ALL views on the issues and welcome any leads that you would like to see investigated and reported on. There are a lot of things that happen in our community that do not get reported in the major media (including the Modesto Bee). A truly Modesto based news source could help reduce crime by making the community aware of problems and how to help. Funding would be used to boost promotion of Modesto Full Story News and pay for internships for student writers. These internships would bring in more points of view as well as the ability to cover more stories. They would also help Journalism Students to build their experience and portfolio for when they graduate and start looking to begin their career.